Photo Tips

Photo Tips for Perfect Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Getting the perfect photo for your custom cardboard cutout is easy with tips. Follow Our Guide to Ensure your Cutout looks great!

Tip 1: Good Lighting

Ensure your subject is well-lit, with natural light sources preferably. Avoid harsh shadows or backlighting.

Tip 2: High Resolution

Use the highest resolution setting on your camera. The clearer the picture, the better the cutout.

Tip 3: Solid Background

Shoot against a solid-colored background to make cutting out the figure easier and more accurate.

Tip 4: Full Body Shot

No Full Body Shot? No problem! Add on Artwork Modification with your order and let us finish the body for you!

Tip 5: Avoid Blurry Photos

Keep your camera steady or use a tripod to avoid blurry photos. Sharp images translate to better cutouts.